Patient Testimonials

Very thorough discussion with me about my mother's glaucoma.

- Chris J.

"I was very concerned about whether my mother need surgery or not and I expressed that to Dr. Parikh. He went through all the test results and her options. He let us make the decision, which we did but he made us feel comfortable with the whole process, no rush or anything. Great bedside manner." - Chris J., January 2016 via

"I recommend this office to any parent who has children who need to be seen"

- Verified ZocDoc Patient

I took my 6 yr old son there for an eye exam and the staff was positively EXCELLENT with him. I recommend this office to any parent who has children who need to be seen. -Verified Patient August 2014 via ZocDoc

My eyes don't feel dry anymore!

- James L.

"My eyes don't feel dry anymore! I've seen my fair share of eye docs around here and I've always been told I'm young for dry eyes and to use restasis. None of that helped at all! I saw Dr. Parikh, he took me off restasis, put plugs into my 4 tear duct, told me about blepharitis and then put me on steroids and tears. I did everything he said and within 3-4 weeks, I was almost completely better! I can't believe I wasted so much time before I got this fixed...yay!" -James L., March 2016 via

Don’t trust your eye surgery to anyone else!

- Elle D

"I've been going to Dr. Parikh for 5 years...he left his previous practice in Gainesville and I followed him, even though it's 45 minutes away. He's done both my cataract surgeries and glaucoma surgeries...everything is perfect now! During a tough recovery period, either he or his staff would call me once a week...amazing! And he has the cutest baby boy precious." via Vitals

Finally fixed!

- Kim G

"My dad was complaining of some light sensitivity and pain and we had take. Him to a couple of other ophthalmologists and optometrists in the area but he didn't get better. Finally, we saw Dr. Parikh and he got my dad fixed up in a couple of weeks...I'm not sure why the others screwed around but I'm really thankful that we found him." via Vitals

Best Ophthalmologist in town.

- Anonymous

"This was the best 1-on-1 experience I've had...Dr. Parikh was very nice and took time to explain everything. I needed cataract surgery and he gave me time to think about everything and did it when I was ready. The surgery was great, the staff was helpful and I can see better now than I ever had...I don't know why other Ophthalmologists didn't want to do the surgery years ago." via Vitals